My growing passion for whisky prompted the creation of a platform that would offer like-minded individuals a place to interact as well as acquire premium, modern, innovative products that would enhance the overall experience of our common fervor. I genuinely believe that the enjoyment of whisky (or any quality spirt for that matter) is not just the taste…it’s an experience that touches all of our senses.


WoW’s journey began in 2019 primary as an Instagram platform to share and connect with others who have similar interest/passion. Our content was/is well received and followership has organically grown to over 30K. During this humbling and unimaginable journey a few things arose:


  • Identifying a gap in quality whisky/spirits glasses WoW began to offer some of the most sought out tasting glasses available. Each delivering form, function, quality and beauty in hand. Brands such as The Macallan, The Balvenie and Davidoff Cigars have purchased and used our glasses at their private events. In 2023 and moving forward our sister company VESL will be the fiber of design and supply for our tasting vessels.


Virtual Events
  • Hosting Instagram events with Brand Ambassadors, Distillery Managers and CEOs from notable (and lesser known) distilleries from around the globe. This offers our followers the opportunity to learn more about their favorite brands and/or get introduced to brands who they may be unfamiliar with. All sessions are recorded and stored on WoW IGTV. If you are aligned to a brand who would like to be showcased on WoW live, please shoot us a message.


Live Experiences
  • Connecting patrons to brands. WoW has hosted dozens of premium experiences from boutique to grand; our signature event coined, ‘The WoW Tasting Experience’. TWTE showcases scores of whiskies from around the globe simultaneously incorporating premium spirits from every category to include Champagne/sparkling wine. Our tag-line for this experience is well suited…’A Journey into: Spirits. Fare. Music. People.’. Our inaugural event in South Florida sold out 3 weeks prior to the experience date. Stay tuned for future TWTEs.


    Our passion for elevating experiences has led us to focusing on select offerings. In partnership with our sister company VESL, we bring to you THE PROFESSIONAL. The design team challenged themselves to improve upon what was already one of the top selling whisky glasses. From the ground up this vessel was evolutionized and in the process one of the top glass blowing factories in Europe was identified for production. Each vessels is made 1 at a time making each vessel in essence 1 of a kind. From vessel to packaging you’ll appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that was made upfront so you can have an elevated experience when using one of our products.


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    Thank you for reading our story.


    Sunil Dyal

    Founder-Wonders of Whisky

    Founder of WoW Sunil Dyal