About Wonders of Whisky

My growing passion for Whisky made me realize the need to create a platform that would offer like-minded individuals a place to purchase luxurious, modern, innovative products that would enhance the overall experience of our common fervor.  I genuinely believe that the enjoyment of Whisky is not just the taste.  It's the experience that touches all 5 of our senses. 

In the process of creating our initial drinking vessel we partnered with a traditional glass blower in Germany to bring you our signature product. Germany is recognized for producing some of the highest quality lead-free crystal glasses in the world and the "Professional" delivers on this expectation.  Each glass is etched with our WoW logo to guarantee authenticity. 

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Amber Glass,  a new Polish manufacturer and distributor of high-quality drinking accessories. Their products are artisan-made and because of this no two glasses or covers are identical.  In other words the item you receive is truly one of a kind. To ensure full protection of these luxurious drinking vessels they are housed in a beautiful shockproof case and finished in a satin matte-black cover.  

Whichever brand you chose will bring years of enjoyment and gives meaning to our mantra "Elevate Your Whisky Experience with a Handcrafted Tasting Vessel from WoW".

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At Wonders of Whisky, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Thank you for visiting our site and get in touch with any questions or concerns. 


Founder of WoW Sunil Dyal

Sunil Dyal-Founder/Owner of Wonders of Whisky